It is a somewhat pretentious journey, to try to dig your hands into the past events and manage to figure out where exactly did the minds collide with the intention of creating something of a huge importance for the four lonesome souls. But it happened somewhere between the awkwardness and beautiful experimentation of playing with someone you never met before, within a concept of a „Blues Jam Session“. What Robi had found there, in an eclectic town by the sea, in that special Blues Jam, was something he was looking for his entire career, and, as with most things in life, when almost in a state of giving up – it hit him right in the face. What happened there is already a history, and what came out is a four-headed monster that you have no slightest wish to control or contain. Because the beast has its paws wrapped around the initial blues experience, it has somewhat of a blue sound, but the body evolved in a different way, hard to musically pin down – but could fit in a description the band members gave by themselves: „The Circus Blues Act“, I would even say a „Furious Circus Blues Act“. There really is a nutty Circus here – there is a Blue tone packed with virtuosity and incredible emotion, and there is an Act, because sometimes you get the feeling you are witnessing a theatre performance, even though there is really only music in its most complex form. And the Furious part? Well, that is a story you could fully understand only by hearing this band play live. Rolin Humes is a band that is on top of their artistic strength and vitality, bursting with young blood spilled all over themselves and the audience. Words can´t really describe what is going on here – there is a feeling of a dark, crazy, mind blowing wedding ceremony directed by the four nutcases – or a funeral gone terribly wrong, everybody drunk, laughing and just gone wild, but at the same time everybody in pain, suffering. Of what, you ask? Of art, of course.

Robi - Rolin Humes

ROBI, vocals/piano;

His name is the backbone of the band´s name, and his lyrics are the point where most of the song arrangements begin. He is the singer/songwriter in it´s wackiest form, eccentric and with an elaborate worldview – pure stream of consciousness embodied in a form of a world traveller and a truth seeker. Surrounded by music and various musical and non-musical influences from an early age that finally came to fruition within a concept of a band that he himself didn´t expect to form. It is also quite symptomatic that he studied saxophone – possibly the most saddest and, at the same time – riotous instrument. His singing sometimes recalls that saxophone sound, with its deep profundity and high-pitched release of the pain in the songs. Somewhat still connected to his classical training, he became peacefully interested in the blues soul the other members brought to the table, and out of that the four of them created something uniquely their own, with no obvious category you could pin them to.

Nikola - Rolin Humes

NIKOLA, guitar;

There was this guitar that was always lying around the house that no one played, lurking from a distance in time where his mother left it while letting go of her childhood dream. Fully immersed in the new found Holy Grail, through the years the boy barely came out of the room, always playing, carrying the guitar around or thinking about it when it wasn´t accessible. He is the relentless explorer of the limits of this instrument, and all the influences (the weirdest scope of them – from Dimebag Darrell to Wes Montgomery) just bloomed in a form of a mesmerizing sound captured by a vivid imagination. He is an emotional rollercoaster on a guitar and on stage he is bursting with some strange electricity – at the same time enigmatic and extremely charismatic guitar player. If Robert is the heart of the band, Nikola is most definitely the soul. The really powerful soul beaming with virtuosity!

Emil - Rolin Humes

EMIL, bass;

There is this playful, humble guy in the back of the stage, with the serious look on his face that gives away the feeling that he is living in his mind, calculating something, or recalling a memory. He started with some classical training in piano, but eventually happily exchanged Bach (for)to The Beatles. Living with music from an early age, playing with his father´s band, and then experimenting with his own bands, gave him immense experience in a stage-presence, that he is now confidently expressing. He was, just like Robert, experimenting with different instruments, but somehow the bass guitar just suited him within Rolin Humes, giving the band that sensible groove that is so hard to attain. He vividly presents the heartbeat of Rolin, while giving away the feeling like he is doing the most effortless job in the universe. Beautifully expressive dreamer.

Matej - Rolin Humes

MATEJ, drums;

The already mentioned guitarist had a younger brother, and as with all stories of that kind – the drummer´s wish was to someday play with his older brother Nikola. That happened within Rolin Humes, after a long and sometimes even painful search for a fitting drummer. He is young, energetic and looking through his „band history“ – this is the band he will make his biggest progress and most effortlessly express his talent. His calm presence hides something completely different – a somewhat wacky personality and a huge warm heart that is happily beating to the Emil´s grooves. There is a feeling of that brotherly bond between two musicians, Nikola and Matej, and the result is mesmerizing. You will never forget this band.